Thursday, March 17, 2011

Labradoodle Generations

F1 Labradoodle
This is a First Generation Labradoodle. They are 50% Labrador Retriever, and 50% poodle. One parent was a Lab and the other was a poodle.

What Type Of Coat To Expect
Coats can vary, but generally F1 Labradoodles have a course – shaggy coat that can be slightly longer than the Labrador’s coat, or much lengthier. Coats tend to shed, some almost as much as a Lab, and yet others are lower shedding.

Allergy Friendliness
F1 Labradoodles generally are not very reliable for allergy sufferers. The coat quality of the parents is very important when looking for an F1 Labradoodle.

They tend to have a little more of a ‘Lab’ personality, and have great dispositions. They are very smart and have a high level of trainability.

F1B Labradoodle
Second generation Labradoodles are the offspring of an F1 that has been bred back to a Standard Poodle to produce puppies which are 75% Poodle and 25% Lab.

What Type Of Coat To Expect
This breeding is done to bring more reliability in regards to being allergy friendly and low to non-shedding coats. The coats tend to be non-shedding most of the time. There are different coat results with F1b Labradoodles. A fleece/hair mixture, a fleece coat, and a wool coat are the most common ones. A responsible breeder will only breed parents with the best coat qualities AND personalities in an effort to produce puppies with optimal coats and friendly/trainable personalities.

Allergy Friendliness
F1B’s tend to bring more reliability to the allergy friendly aspect of the breed.

The F1B breeding tend to retain most of the great personality traits that you receive with an F1. They are very playful in nature, yet extremely smart!

F2 Labradoodles
This is where the lingo can get tricky! F2 Labradoodles are second generation Labradoodles where both parents are Labradoodles. However, this can mean that both parents are F1 Labradoodles, or an F1 and an F1b. It is always good to ask the breeder what generation the parents are. Again, a responsible breeder will only breed parents with the best coat qualities and personalities in an effort to produce puppies with optimal coats & temperaments.

The allergy friendliness, shedding and personality traits of the F2 can vary greatly depending on the parents. It’s best to ask a lot of questions regarding the parents of this type of breeding. If the parents are an F1 & and F1, then you will probably have some shedding and perhaps allergy problems. If the parents are an F1 & F1B, then you may end up with great coats, no shedding and fabulous personalities.

Again, ask lots of questions regarding the parents coats and personalities!

F3 Labradoodles & Multi-Gen Labradoodles

This generations generally refers to a third generation Labradoodle. Many times third generations are referred to as Multi-Gen Labradoodles. Multi-Gens are generally considered to be third generation Labradoodles and higher.

What Type Of Coat To Expect
These Labradoodles tend to have more consistent coats and are very reliable in regards to being hypoallergenic and non-shedding.

Allergy Friendliness
Multi-Gen Labradoodles tend to be the most reliable when it comes to allergy friendliness.

Check with the breeder to ensure that only top quality breeding dogs were used in the breeding.

Australian Labradoodles
Australian Labradoodles are usually Multi-Gen Labradoodles. Many times Australian Labradoodle puppies are six generations or more into the Labradoodle breed.

What Type Of Coat To Expect
Australian Labradoodles have very high reliability when it comes to being allergy friendly and non-shedding. Most Australian Labradoodles have very consistent coats and the entire litter will look very similar.

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